We Acquire Ranger.io To Give Monitoring Shot In The Arm.

Today we’ve proud to announce or acquisition of http://ranger.io.  We’re excited to add uptime monitoring to our range of products. 

Exceptional, the leading error-tracking service for the world’s cloud developers today announced they had acquired the Ranger monitoring service to extend their DevOps platform.

Launched in 2010, Ranger is used by many Heroku customers to monitor their more complex cloud-based applications. By combining Exceptional, Airbrake and Ranger, customers get access to a mission-critical DevOps platform which tells them both WHEN and WHY their app is down.

Shay Frendt, Ranger founder, says in a statement: “Adding Ranger to their family makes a huge amount of sense, monitoring and error-tracking go hand-in-hand so it makes the overall toolset even more useful for developers”.

We’ll be having an official launch party tomorrow, since we are in Las Vegas for AWS Re:Invent. We’ll be throwing a launch lunch at a shooting range; We’ve still a few places left. Sign up here. 

For more information, early access and press information please contact ben@ranger.io



November 30th, 2012  |  Published in News

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